Vanilla Bubble Tea

Spring is slowly sneaking up on us and that means iced drinks and Spring walks to get our favourite treats like bubble tea! It’s definitely something I treat myself too because they’re usually loaded with sugar and milk and doesn’t always leave me feeling amazing. We realized how easy it is to make it ourselves! We subbed coconut milk and less sugar so it’s a refreshing drink that’s also guilt-free.

teas! I love brewing the loose leaf option because I like my black teas stronger and with loose tea you can customize the strength and flavour of your perfect cup. so it’s perfect, and they really are beautiful teas! The assortment of blends have been picked from tea fields around the world. Some are crafted with real fruit pieces, petals and herbs that are sustainably and ethically sourced.

Vanilla Chai Bubble Tea (makes 2!)

  1. Brew 2 bags of Pure Leaf Black with Vanilla in 2 cups of hot water. Let steep for a few minutes and then place in the fridge for 1 hour.

  2. Cook the tapioca pearls in the meantime, according to the package directions. When they’re done, soak them in a few tablespoons of simple syrup (equal parts water + sugar).

  3. In a large glass, add ¼ cup of pearls, add 1 cup of tea and top off with vanilla coconut milk.

*we found the tapioca pearls and straws at our local Asian Supermarket!