Hello September

Hello September! 

How crazy. This Summer has been a crazy one, but in the best way. We had some fun adventures in Osoyoos, Washington and on the island and the market for Vancouver Mural Festival kept us busy bees! We're looking forward to the fall and focus on blogging, and things to come! We are SO Excited to be re-launching Pink House. We've been working on rebranding the products, launching a new website and are going to LA in September which we're soooo looking forward to!

Today is our first time in the studio in a few weeks and are feeling inspired. It's been nice to step back for a bit and focus on other things over the Summer. It gave us a fresh perspective and new inspiration.

We would love to hear from you what you want to see here! What content is your favourite? We love your feedback and comments. I have lots of DIY's sitting in my head that I can't wait to make happen! 

Hope you've had an amazing Summer.