Link Love // My 10 Pregnancy Must Haves

Happy Friday! My goodness, where did June go?! These last two weeks have been a whirlwind of fun summer times, I'm in full-on summer mode and it's amazing. Loving these warm, long days. Spending all my days off at the beach and parks and eating a bit too much ice cream ;) Mount Pleasant friends we discovered an amazing ice cream shop called Roosters Ice Cream Bar and it's my new fav in town, and way too close to my house! Give them a try if you're in the hood.

I celebrated my 29 birthday yesterday (champagne birthday!) and this little babe is now 29 weeks along! I thought I'd share some of my must haves that has gotten me through this pregnancy so far and that will help me get through these next 10 weeks. Hazel was born early in June so I only had a handful of hot days being big and uncomfortable. I'm hoping we don't get too intense of a heat wave this summer because if all goes to plan, this babe's not due to arrive until mid-September, many hot and uncomfortable days ahead. 

My 10 Pregnancy Must Haves

  • The comfiest pants from Hazel & Jools (local to you Vancouverites!) I have a pair of their leggings that have been a dream! I literally throw them on every day when I get home (if I'm not wearing them already). 
  • This iced tea I'll be making all Summer long!
  • Ginger candies from whole foods, they got me through the first few months and helped so much with sickness.
  • There's no better way to wind down at the end of the day than with a bath! Pink House bath bombs have been so nice to use and so soothing for my achy legs after long days on my feet!
  • This citrus + mint body butter from Primally Pure has been one of my go-tos! My skin has been dry and gets itchy as it stretches, this smells amazing and I'm lovin' it. 
  • These dresses from Dwell + Slumber! I have one coming in the mail and I know I will live in it this summer and fall. Comfy clothes are a pregnancy and post-partum necessity!
  • Comfy shoes, if it's raining I'm in my Nike free's, but this summer I'm all about the birks and my favorite teva slides. 
  • Obvz my bbhugme pillow! 
  • I picked up the silkiest eye shades from Harlow Atelier and they're helping my sleep as well! I'm up almost every night at 3am tossing and turning, turning on white noise and popping these on have been helping me get more restful shuteye! (They're from local company Strathcona Stockings)
  • I have a big appetite this pregnancy, I'm always snacking. I've learned to stock up on lots of fruit and veggies, and chop up my veggies so I actually eat them! When I'm lazy and want a snack I don't want to do the work of washing and chopping, so I find if I do a bunch at once, it's a lot easier to grab a jar of pre-cut veggies to munch on! Lots of stovetop popcorn as well ;)

This comfy as ever linen top is by local gal Harly Jae! She just launched her shop this month and we are loving her pieces. I've worn this top too many days in a row this week and will be most of this summer :) check out her shop here!