Teva x Mothers Day

This was the most wonderful vacation. Lindsay and I headed to San Diego for a week just to catch some sunshine after this long long winter of rain and snow. We did so much walking, beaching, and eating. All the good things. We were blown away by the beauty of Sunset Cliffs, all the wildflowers and the rugged coastline. 

These are our most favourite photos of our Mom. They're from her and dad's honeymoon in Maui over 30 years ago! Our dad has a whole book full of these original film prints, and they're all so nostalgic. It was so amazing going to Maui with our dad this time last year. We saw lots of these same places and got to hear stories from all of their Maui trips, her most favourite place in the world. It was so special spending her birthday on the beach in Hana, we got our rental jeep stuck in the sand, soaked up the humid rainforest and enjoyed the most scenic drive!



Lindsay and I had the best time a few weeks ago in San Diego. California is a place that's always been close to our hearts and feels like a second home. Growing up, our Grandparents lived in SoCal and we did many, many road trips in the old minivan with all 5 of us kids. They're some of my favourite memories, and we get so nostalgic of them anytime we are in California.

I can't believe Mom held onto these shorts all of these years!! She pulled them out of her closet a few years ago. I remember buying a pair of super high waisted shorts and was showing them to her and she was laughing about how they came back in style. She was telling us about the pair she had worn on her honeymoon that were tucked away in the back of her closet somewhere. So when we went to Maui last year, of course we had to bring them with us, they fit perfectly, and they're so stinkin' cute!  I love how a piece of clothing can tell such a story, and it can live on and continue as you create new memories in them.

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