Link Love + Playlist

  • I made a Spotify  PLAYLIIIIIIIIIIST - for all of you asking what music is playing in the background of all of our instagram snaps. I have been loving these bands lately, hopefully you like it too!  (Playlist is also attached at bottom of post!)
  • I am super excited about Belletrist. It is a bookclub started by Emma Roberts & Karah Preiss. Our good friend Taylor Loren is working on the instagram and is doing an amazing job! I can't wait to get the first book by Joan Didion
  • Blundsones have an INSANE contest right now guys!! ENTER HERE!  All you gotta do is take a photo of you doing your favourite Canadian pasttime wearing your Blundstone boots! Tag #EhtoZ and you could win a Canadian adventure with a voucher worth $3000 - 2 pairs of Blundstones and $1000 CASH! So sweet. I'll definitely be entering. 
  • How adorable is this hotel?? Tegan and I have been talking about hittin a plane and escaping for a few days to some sunshine! San Diego is calling our names! It's so cute and retro. Our gals at Local Wanderer suggested it to us, and we can't wait to use their San Diego guide and go to all the best places :)))
  • I just bought a Nula all natural shampoo! I LOVE IT! It is Cedarwood and Lavendar, yummmm right??  I got it from Nettle's Tale which happens to be right across the street from our studio! Ps. isn't this sign adorable???



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