See Ya Summer

So I know it's been fall for an entire week now, but I just have to give one last ode to Summer <3 Mostly because I found these photos I forgot about from one of our last nights in Maui, and wanted to share a few! 

We had just gotten back from dinner and it was a stormy night. It was just clearing up but the sky was doing something eerie and the water was just so tempting that Lindsay and I both just jumped in! The waves were more intense than normal too, it was just a fun time, hanging with the turtles napping on the sandy beach. Oh, what a marvelous time that trip was, hard to believe it was 4 months ago!

We also have been wanting to share about our lack of posting on the blog lately! We went into the fall with goals of getting back to our consistent 5-days-a-week content, but we have just been b u s y. The blog is our main priority, but also, we only want to post quality content. We have lots of fun posts, DIY's and recipes we've been scheming and working on that we can't wait to share with you! 

We're just catching up on setting up our studio for fall, and being away in LA last week! We're going to start sharing about it on Monday, so stay tuned. Hollywood with Pink House was amazing (we attended an Emmy's gifting event), and Joshua Tree was a dream. Somewhere everyone needs to visit. 

And as always, your feedback means the world. We will always be posting content that is full of things and places we love. We love using this platform to share our story, our journey and everything in between. We're so excited to get back to sharing more of that, we took the Summer to slow down, work on other projects, and October is going to finally start to feel a bit routine, we so look forward to it. 

Something we've been wanting to do for ages is another Let's Talk! So ask us your questions! Comment below, or send us an email to

xoxo Tegan