Maui Days // Part One

Maui was SUCH a dream. 
I had never been to Hawaii, and it was better than I had expected it to be. Tegan went once with Mom when she was about Hazels age, so that was super cool for her to experience this time with Hazey, and see Hawaii through her eyes as well as her discovering so many new things. 

We stayed in Lahaina, which I have heard is a great place to stay if you have never experienced Hawaii. It is pretty touristy but still has a lot of private beach spots to spend your time. 

The first day we went out into the ocean and we allllll burned pretty bad! So we had to take our time the few days after that! We spent most of our time on this beach, swimming with the sea turtles, snorkeling, boogie boarding, and getting accidently tossed in the waves over and over. *See yesterday's post for proof.

It was such a lovely relaxing vacation, that was much needed. It was our first vacation without our Mom, so it felt quite weird, but we knew that she would be so happy having us spend time together in a place that she loved so much. We were missing a few members of our family, and hope to have another one soon with everyone! 

It was so much fun to see how Hazel would react in the sand and the waves! She loved to get super sandy and crawl all over but was super suspicious of the sleeping sea turtle. 

Morning walks on this beach were definitely a highlight for us both. Nothing quite like it. 

Grandpa got all the snuggles in for almost 2 weeks straight. 


We absolutely loooooove our Nettles Tale bathing suits, and we will say it over and over again until you GET ONE FOR YOURSELF! 

Loved all the drinks in the sunshine and quiet mornings drinking coffee outside, lots of reading by the pool and meals out! It was such a memorable trip, we'll share with you more from our Road to Hana adventure later this week!