Nettles Tale // to wave or not to wave


We LOOOOOVE our Nettles Tale bathing suits. They are honestly some of our favourites, and if we are to ever hit the ocean they are the first ones we grab without a thought.
Have you ever thrown on a bathing suit and as you run toward the wave, you have instant flashes of all the worst case scenarios of your bathing suit being flipped inside out, your top coming up over your eyes, or your bottoms somehow disappearing...? Yeah, that ain't gonna happen with these. They are so comfortable, and they stay put. Plus the patterns that they have are all just so darn cute. 


Tegan and I are taking over Nettles Tale's instagram this week, so head on over there and follow along! PLUS, we will be sharing with you a discount code for 15% off all bathing suits with the code "T&T16". 


You know how sometimes you have this great idea of what a cool photo could look like... and then you get out there and... this happens...


over and over...
and the waves are all like "you look like an idiot" and you are like "...ok fine, win"


this one got sand in all the places.


Until next time, waves...

Head on over to Nettles Tale to check out more of their suits, and don't forget to follow along on our instagram takeover

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