Halfmoon Bay With Glamping Hub

Tegan and I were lucky enough to spend a few days away on the sunshine coast! Half Moon Bay has become a very special getaway. We visited this very place - Rockwater Secret Cove Resort about a year and a half ago with Free People - You can check out the post here if you missed it! Ever since that magical trip, Teg & I have been dying to go back and experience what it would be like to stay in the tents! We teamed up with Glamping Hub, and have a VERY EXCITING giveaway this week for you, so keep your eyes peeled!!!! 

As soon as we arrived we were absolutely swooned by the tenthouse suites. It was one of the most relaxing places I have ever experienced!! We walked the wooden boarded path through the cliffside trees toward our suite by the water. It was quite a sanctuary with the most incredible view looking out to the Pacific Ocean. 

After we cracked a beer, we took a walk down to the water for sunset and chatted while we sat on the pier! We couldn't believe how beautiful the water looked as it imitated a mirror, reflecting the trees, tents, and sunset in our view. The most incredible (and maybe the most magical) moment occurred later that night when Tegan insisted on going back to the pier to check out the bioluminescence!!! It is glowing plankton underneath the water that basically illuminates everything that has movement in the water. As we walked down the pier, the fish and seaweed would light up as our footsteps shook the water down below. We leaned over the dock and moved our hands across the top of the water and the bubbles illuminated and it looked like it was sparkling! We then saw a giant chain close by and threw it in the water, we waved it back and forth and it glowed as if it was coated in glow in the dark paint. It was the most amazing thing!! 

We are absolutely in looove with these clothes from Free People! They were perfect for our getaway and we couldn't be happier with these pieces as we transition our wardrobes into summer attire! We are SO EXCITED to share a giveaway we have been working with them on :) We will share it soon! 

There seriously couldn't be a more relaxing place to stay. We highly recommend this getaway (especially if you are looking for a place to relax with your significant other ;)) 

Breakfast in the most comfortable bed, heated tiles, disco light jacuzzi, a deck with the most glorious view!! What more could you ask for!! Tegan and I couldn't stop gushing about the tent as we vegged and relaxed all day. We seriously couldn't say anything bad about this place. We were SO impressed. Definitely want to go back. 

We decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal and some cocktails! The food was absolutely amazing, and after dinner we spent some time near the water and explored these giant rocks! There are so many amazing things to see around Half Moon Bay. 

We made these amazing Rosemary Grapefruit Whiskey Sour Cocktails! Who says you can't make fancy drinks when on vacation? Save yourself some money and find the recipe here!! 

A BIG thank you to Glamping Hub for hosting our stay! If you are looking for some place unique to getaway be sure to look and book through Glamping Hub!! They have been our absolute favourite company to work with for finding the most magical places to stay!