Summer Playlist // Aether Cone

This pretty looking cone has become a Summer (and home) essential! I literally have this cone playing music from the moment I'm up in the morning and keep it going all throughout the day, it just follows me around to whichever room I'm hanging out in with Hazel. It's so great because it hooks up to my wifi and I can use airplay, so it plays music directly off of my phone. It also has bluetooth, so we take it to us whenever we're heading to the park or beach, and it can wirelessly play. It has a great battery life as well, so we just keep it charging at home and it's always good to go!

It also sounds great, which I guess is pretty important ;) but really, my husband runs a recording studio, so he's a bit speaker-obsessed, and he's a big fan of this little speaker and it also pumps!

It's been a different Summer for me with little Haze, it's very slow pace, but it's also flying by so quickly! I can't believe we're over half way through July, here's a little playlist I put together with some of my favourite songs I've been listening to lately. Almost every morning I put on Bahamas, and Hazel loooves it.